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SEPTEMBER 20th THROUGH 25th 2018

All Inclusive, STARTING AT $1399

There is a magic about Antigua, Guatemala. We want to share it with you...

Are you in? I want this to be the BEST,  most affordable retreat out there. All inclusive packages for under $1500. You just buy your airfare and show up, we orchestrate everything else. Daily yoga (Mysore Style or Vinyasa), meditation, workshops, nature hikes, stunning views, beautiful rooms to sleep in, farm to table dining.  Night strolls through these charming colonial streets. Mornings spent beneath ringing bell towers and smoking volcanos.

There is a transformational energy woven into the fiber of Antigua. Come see!


Morning Ashtanga Mysore will be taught by Joseph. If you wish to take vinyasa classes instead, you are welcome to practice with any of our AMAZING teachers at Shakti Shala. Yin, Vinyasa, Jivamukti and more are available.


DAY 1 Thursday September 20, 2018

2pm                                            Check In at Selena

4pm                                            Guided Full Primary

7pm                                            Welcome Dinner


DAY 2  Friday September 21, 2018

5am                                            Tea/Coffee Service

6-8am                                        Mysore

8:30am                                      Breakfast

2pm                                            Lunch

3:30pm-6:30pm                        Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

7pm                                            Dinner  


DAY 3 Saturday September 22, 2018

5am                                            Tea/Coffee Service

6-8am                                        Mysore

8:30am                                     Breakfast

10:00a                                       Market Tour

12:30pm                                    Lunch

2pm-4pm                                  Ser Nina Service Work

6pm                                           Loving Kindness Meditation

7pm                                            Dinner


DAY 4 Sunday September 23, 2018

5am                                            Tea/Coffee Service

6-8am                                        Mysore

8:30am                                     Breakfast

10am-12pm                              Macadamia farm tour

1pm                                            Lunch

3-5p                                            Inversions Lab at Coaba Farms

7pm                                            Dinner


DAY 5 Monday September 24, 2018

5am                                           Tea/Coffee Service

6-8am                                       Mysore

8:30am                                     Breakfast

11:30am-1:30pm                     Backbending Lab

4:30pm                                     Earth Lodge


DAY 6 Tuesday September 25, 2018

6-8am                                      Mysore

9am                                          Farewell Breakfast

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Historical Charm around every corner...

Historical Charm around every corner...

Yoga and Farm Fresh Food at Caoba Farms

Yoga and Farm Fresh Food at Caoba Farms











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is the
first step
of inner unfolding.
— Amit Ray
Cobble stone streets, magic in the air...

Cobble stone streets, magic in the air...


We've created two packages for you, based around 2 quality Rooms at the Hotel:

The budget room is $1399 (TRIPLE OCCUPANCY)

THe DELUxe room is $1650 (SiNGLE OCCUPANCY)

See below for pictures of both rooms and the beautiful grounds at Selena. Other room options are available. We can arrange DOublE OCCUPANCY, super budget large dorms, all the way up to high end suites. For package personalization please email



SERniña strives to end gender inequality in Guatemala , by fostering the ability of girls to discover their truest selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-love and strength. We work  in partnership with boys and men, so all members of our human ‘team’ can function at their highest potential. We will spend an afternoon volunteering for this powerful organization and a portion of each package will be donated directly to SERniña.


Macadamia Nut Farm at Vahalla EXPERIMENTAL station

The Valhalla Project is a Guatemala based organization that seeks to reverse global warming, assist indigenous people in developing self-sustaining agriculture, and educate the public about the environment. We accomplish this mission by planting trees. The Valhalla project introduces ungrafted Macadamia seedlings to indigenous people as an alternative to slash and burn agriculture, which contributes to global warming.


Weve put our heart into this....

Shakti Shala co-owner Irene DeValle and I have thought long and hard about how to make this the most affordable and enjoyable retreat out there. We can't wait to welcome you to romantic, inspiring Antigua.