Joseph Armstrong
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Yoga is a method

of exploring your inner spaces.

So that you might see yourself.

Accept yourself.

Love yourself.

Love others as you love yourself.


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Joseph Armstrong teaches yoga with feet planted firmly in tradition and gaze turned towards the future. His search for a more present and peaceful life first led him to the practice in 2008. A few years later he was in India, studying intensively.

After finally overcoming a long struggle with addiction, Joseph began experimenting with Ashtanga Yoga. He understood quickly that the lineage was calling to him to deepen his practice. He underwent a 2 year apprenticeship program at the world renowned Miami Life Center, continuing his education under his teachers Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor. More recently he has completed 2 months of study in Mysore under Sharath Jois.

Joseph teaches yoga because attempts to do any and everything else ended disastrously. But when he finally devoted himself to his passion, he became an asset to himself and others. He hopes his practice allows him to be ever more loving and to exist gently.


Upcoming Events



Weekly Schedule

Joseph teaches a regular schedule in Miami Florida through April 1. Classes begin in Antigua on April 5th.



Upcoming workshops in Munich, Stockholm and more!


Antigua Packages

Immerse yourself in traditional practice in magical Antigua, Guatemala. Weekend or weeklong packages available for groups or individuals.


Step onto your mat every day for a long time. Come face to face with yourself...


see that...


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